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In every episode, we aim to demystify the “how to start a dental practice” problem by bringing on world-class influencers and consults in the dental industry to pick their brain about how to get past the barriers involved from no practice, to practice owner, to successful practice.
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Apr 29, 2020

Hey Ambitious Dentists,

I hope you're having a great week and continuing to navigate these challenging times. 

Today I'm excited to share my conversation with Cory Pinegar, CEO of Callforce, who dives deep into the art of answering the phone and how to develop the right phone system for your practice.

Having talked to many dentists over the years, I know that one of the most difficult things to "get right" is how you handle your phones, especially when you're starting out. 

Here's just some of what you'll learn in today's interview with Cory Pinegar:

  • Some of Corey's unbelievable statistics and facts about dental calls.
  • Why systems and structure are so important to optimize your phone process. 
  • How to determine the missed opportunities for your practice. 
  • The most common times people call and how to ensure you are prepared. 
  • Why handling calls are difficult for a new practice and how to know when you should hire extra help.
  • The biggest mistakes most dental practices make when making calls. 
  • A simple trick for making calls a priority in your practice

And much more... 

Apr 22, 2020

Hey there Ambitious Dentists,

I hope you and your loved ones continue to stay healthy and safe.

I know that for some, the last thing you might want to do is listen to a dental podcast, but if you're looking for a quick break from the chaos of the last few months, I think you'll really enjoy today's episode.

Today I sit down with previous SYDP guest, Jordon Comstock, CEO of BoomCloud, a dental membership plan software that has helped hundreds of dentists successfully implement membership programs in their practice.

We cover some of the latest insights on membership plans as well as some best practices to improve your chances of success. 

Here's just some of what you'll learn in today's episode. 

  • Why a dental membership plan can help you get through difficult times. 
  • What exactly a "membership program" is, and whether it might be right for you.
  • The biggest mistakes with membership plans and how to avoid them. 
  • Why membership plans aren't just good for you... but why your patients will love them as well.
  • What Amazon Prime can teach you about running a successful dental practice. 
  • How to retain patients that are out of network.

And much more...

Even if you've tried a membership plan in the past with little success, or are considering adding one, I know you'll really enjoy today's episode. 

Apr 16, 2020

Hey Ambitious Dentists,

On behalf of the entire Tooth & Coin team, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well in these incredibly difficult times and are staying safe and sound. 

While many are struggling around the world, I know it’s an especially challenging time for dentists specifically. 

I originally recorded this interview with Dan Delmain a few weeks ago, but given the recent events with the Coronavirus I believe you’ll find today’s interview especially relevant. 

While the health of your family and friends obviously comes first, it’s more important than ever to build the right systems to attract more patients for your practice. 

Today’s guest Dan Delmain is an industry leading leader in helping small businesses generate patients and increase revenue through strategic online marketing and website design. 

We talk about everything from website design, to latest marketing best practices. I’ve personally seen how effective Dan’s methods are with his clients and in our talk he shares some incredibly powerful marketing and business strategies you can apply right away. 

Here are just a few things you’ll learn:

  • Why your dental practice website is so important and the most common mistakes dentists make. 
  • The most effective type of testimonial to increase trust quickly. 
  • Should you make a few minor tweaks to your current site or start from scratch?
  • Why the “band aid” approach to your website almost never works long term.
  • The “Content Management System” Dan recommends for most dentists. 
  • One of the easiest ways to take your website from a 7 to a 10. 
  • How to use your website to make a genuine connection with your patients.

And much more. 

Nov 6, 2019

Hey Ambitious Dentists,

Jonathan here. Apologies for it being so quiet on the podcasting front, as my team and I were heads down rebranding DentistMetrics into what is now Tooth and Coin. 

It was a ton of hard work, and I couldn’t be more happy with how things have turned out. Thanks to my amazing team and all the support from the SYDP community. 

Today I’m incredibly excited to get back into the swing of things by welcoming back a previous SYDP guest Alex Nottingham CEO and founder of All Star Dental Academy to the show. 

A while back he shared a ton of value on episode 93 of SYDP and I wanted to bring him back on to share his latest insights on what’s working in dentistry. 

Here are a few things you’ll learn in today’s episode:

  • How Alex helped take his father’s dental practice from the verge of bankruptcy to becoming a thriving practice. 
  • The most effective way to increase your case acceptance rate without using hype or pressure. 
  • Why you don’t need to work crazy hours to build a successful practice. 
  • Some of the biggest myths dentists believe that are holding them back from dental practice growth. 
  • How Alex got into dentistry, and the main business lessons he’s learned about the industry.  
  • Why having a team first approach can make all the difference in your dental practice success. 

And much more.

Aug 5, 2019

Hey Ambitious Dentists,

One of the most common questions I get in talking with dentist practice owners all over the country is how to acquire a dental practice successfully.

As you likely know, there's a massive difference between thinking about acquiring a practice and actually taking action on your plan.

Today I'm incredibly excited to sit down with Paul Sletten founder of the Sletten group. Paul has been in business for over forty years and is, without a doubt, one of the most knowledgeable people I know about how to make a successful transition when acquiring a practice.

In today's episode, he breaks down everything you need to know so that you can acquire a practice successfully.

Here are just a few of things you'll learn... 

  • The biggest mistakes dentists make when acquiring a practice and how to avoid them.
  • How Paul got into the industry and what he's learned since being in business since 1975.
  • Why communicating with your staff is essential when you're thinking of acquiring a practice.
  • When to know if you should acquire a practice.
  • The most important things to keep in mind when you acquire your practice and how to keep original patients.
  • Why culture is so important in being successful in your acquisition.
  • How to know if the practice you're acquiring is a good fit.

And much more.

May 24, 2019

Hey Ambitious Dentists,

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week.

Whether you’re fresh out of dental school or have been running your general dental practice for years, you’ve likely at one time considered adding ortho to your practice.

Is it worth it? How do you even go about getting started?

Maybe you’re an orthodontist now, who is looking to get more out of your offering.

Today I’m incredibly excited to sit down with today’s guest Dr. Amanda Wilson, founder of Straight Smile Solutions and orthodontist herself.

Straight Smile Solutions is an ortho consulting firm that helps dentists add ortho to their offerings and improve their current ortho processes.

In today’s interview, we talk about the common misconceptions of ortho, when you should consider adding it to your practice, as well as all the latest ortho best practices.


If you’re currently an orthodontist or run a general practice and are considering adding ortho, you don’t want to miss my interview with Dr. Amanda Wilson.

Here are a few things you’ll learn in today’s episode.

  • Dr. Wilson’s inspiring story of how she went from being an orthodontist to running an orthodontist consulting company as well.
  • How to maximize your ortho production and the common mistakes most dentists make with ortho.
  • What Dr. Wilson learned from practicing during the tech boom and bust and how it affected her practice and future career.
  • The most effective way to sell ortho without being too salsey.
  • How adding ortho can dramatically increase your practice’s revenue when done correctly.
  • The 3 limiting beliefs many dentists have about ortho and how to overcome them.

And much more.

May 13, 2019

Hey ambitious dentists,

We have a special treat for you today with a guest interview covering a topic I know is on a lot of our SYDP listener's minds.

Saving for your kids higher education.

With college tuition rising with no signs of slowing down, and the US having over a trillion dollars in student loan debt,  it can be a challenge knowing not only how much you should invest in the future of your children, but the most effective way to do so according to your situation.

Today I’m excited to sit down with Abby Chao co-founder of a resource and service that helps any parent start investing in a tax-free 529 college saving plans in just minutes.

Even if you’re just out of a school and kids aren’t quite in the picture, it’s never too early to get ahead on planning for the future.

Here are a few things you’ll learn in today’s episode.

  • Why starting a college fund now is so important  and the easiest way to do so.
  • The major benefits of a 529 college savings plan.
  • A simple guideline to know how much to save.
  • The future of higher education and what it may mean for your children.
  • The difference between a 529 and a regular savings account.
  • Why donations to a college fund are becoming one of the most popular graduation gifts.

And much more.

The Best Way To Save For Your Kid’s Higher Education As A Dental Practice Owner


"If you don't know what a 529 plan is.. you're not alone. Over 70% of parents have no idea what a 529 plan is." -Abby Chao

About The Guest

College Backer 

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Mar 14, 2019
Today we have another exciting treat for you, as I sit down with Jeff Gladnick, CEO of GreatDentalWebsites.
Jeff was one of the first guests we had on the SYDP podcast when we launched just a few years ago, and I’m excited to have him back on the show to share the latest best practices for your dental website and marketing efforts.
Jeff is one of the very first people I really connected with in the dental industry, and he’s genuinely one of the most stand up guys in the dental space.
Whether you’re looking to improve your website conversions or want to know how to get a better ROI on your marketing initiatives,  you’re going to absolutely love today’s interview.
Here are just a few things you’ll learn:
  • Why good marketing isn’t as easy as just paying someone and hoping for the best.
  • The importance of local search when growing your dental practice.
  • Why your website MUST be mobile friendly.
  • What’s working now in marketing and building dental websites that convert.
  • Why it’s essential you have your own website, even if you're already on social media.
  • How to avoid wasting tens of thousands of dollars when rebuilding or creating your dental practice website.
  • The best way to display social proof on your website and on your social media channels.
And much more.
Today’s interview is absolutely jam packed with actionable insights that you can start implementing right away. 
Click here to listen to my interview with Jeff Gladnick.

-Jonathan VanHorn 

Feb 13, 2019

Hey Ambitious Dentists,

When my team and I launched the SYDP podcast over three years ago, we had no idea that we would be able to build such an amazing SYDP community.

Since launch, we’ve had over 100+ guests on the show, each of which shared their unique take on how to build a thriving and profitable dental practice.

Today I’m incredibly excited to share that I recently sat down with our very first SYDP guest Jayme Amos.  Jayme is an incredibly successful dental practice consultant and best selling author as well as the founder and CEO of Ideal Practices.

Over the years Jayme has been able to build a massive following in the dental community and for good reason.

In our latest SYDP episode, we sat down to talk about what he’s been working on over the last few years, as well as the unique project he recently launched.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first project of its kind in the dental community, and he shares more about what it’s about on today’s show.

Here are just a few of the things we cover…

  • What Jayme has learned from producing the dental communities first ever documentary focusing exclusively on startups and growing your dental practice.
  • The current entrepreneurial trends in dentistry, and why they matter to you.
  • How to push through the ups and downs of being a dental practice owner.
  • The pros and cons of starting your own practice versus purchasing one
  • How to balance traditional education and learning by doing as you grow your practice.
  • The hard truth about growing your dental practice and why building a startup is not for everyone.

And much more.

Feb 6, 2019
Hey Ambitious Dentists!
Happy Wednesday! I have a special treat for you today. Recently I had the honor of being interviewed by the incredible Dr. Paul Goodman and attorney Rob Montgomery on The Dental Amigos Podcast.
It’s always fun being on the other side of the mic for a change, and Dr. Paul and Rob are really great guys doing amazing things in the dental industry.
Dr. Paul also runs the incredibly popular Dental Nachos online community and brand which I know many of you are a part of, and Rob is one of the most respected dental attorney's around.
They were kind of enough to give me permission to republish the episode here for the SYDP community, and I think you’ll find a ton of actionable insights in our conversation.
Here are just a few of the things we cover…

  • Should you buy a house or a dental practice first? Hint… it depends
  • My favorite nacho topping….
  • Should you lease or purchase your office?
  • An inside look at what I do at DentistMetrics
  • Common misconceptions of what a CPA does

And much more.

Feb 1, 2019
Hey Ambitious Dentists!
Today I’m incredibly excited to share an interview on a topic that I believe isn’t talked about enough in the dental space.
The topic?
Financial planning and retirement, specifically for dentists.
Now, for those of you who are ready to close out your browser or shut down your podcast app because you’re just getting started as a dentist, it’s never too early to start planning for your financial future and retirement.
I know this topic can be incredibly helpful to many of our SYDP listeners which is why I’m thrilled to have Ryan Isaac cofounder of Dentist Advisors as well as the co-host of the Dentist Money Podcast.
Today we dive deep into the nitty gritty of financial planning and retirement for dentists.

Here are just a few things you’ll learn in today’s episode.

  • Why financial planning is essential… especially for dentists.
  • The things you should start doing now to build a secure financial future.
  • Why it’s never too early to start thinking about your financial plan.
  • How to make smart financial decisions as a dentist.
  • The biggest mistakes most dentists make when planning for their financial future.How financial planning is like diet and exercise, and the exact tips and strategies to get yourself on track.
  • The always changing definition of retirement and a helpful way to set yourself up for success.

And much more.

Even if you’re just getting started with your practice and not even thinking of retirement, I know there’s plenty of key takeaways that can help set you up for a healthy financial future.
Jan 24, 2019

Hey Ambitious Dentists

Do you always feel like you’re playing catchup on learning the latest best practices for running a successful dental practice?
Whether it’s taking yet another training, or listening to the top rated dental podcasts, it can often be a challenge to keep up.
While putting in the work daily is part of running a thriving practice, knowing the “big wins” for getting the best results can help take your practice to the next level.
Which is why I'm very excited to introduce today's guest Dr. Chris Salierno.
Dr. Chris is the editor and chief of the Dental Economics and a practicing dentist in New York. He also serves as the editorial director for DE's Principles of Practice Management e-newsletters and lectures internationally on clinical dentistry, practice management, and leadership development.
I think you'll find our conversation is jam packed with actionable insight you can apply to grow your practice.

Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode

  • How Dr. Chris balances practicing two to three times a week and being the editor and chief of Dental Economics.
  • Why dental economics is so important, and how to spot dental practice opportunities.
    The importance of patient experience and how to stand out from your competition.
  • What Dr. Chris has learned from being editor in chief of Dental Economics.
  • Whether or not you need an MBA to build a successful practice.
  • Why having a mentor is one of the best investments you can make.
  • How to build your “business mindset” consistently.

And much more!

Jan 15, 2019

Hey Ambitious Dentists!

One of the most requested topics I receive from the SYDP community to cover on the podcast is the nitty gritty in and outs of buying a dental practice.

Whether you’re looking to buy your very first practice or eyeing practice #2 or #3, it always seems there’s plenty to improve throughout the process to help ensure you walk away with a great deal.

Today, I’m incredibly excited to have Dr. Paul Goodman, of Dental Nachos fame, on the show.

It turns, Dr. Paul knows a thing or two about buying dental practices.

Currently, a transition specialist and coach, Dr. Paul Goodman, has done it all. A former practicing dentist himself, Dr. Paul has also brokered some dental practice deals and currently helps coach dentists throughout the buying process.

He really brings the value in today's conversation.

If you’re currently looking to purchase a dental practice, or just want to know more about one of the biggest names in the dental industry today, I know you’ll love my interview with Dr. Paul Goodman.

Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode

  • Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in today’s episode:
  • Why having a coach when buying a dental practice can help you accelerate your success.
  • The full origin story of the highly popular Dental Nachos group and brand.
  • The biggest challenges dentists face when looking to purchase a practice and how to avoid them.
  • How dentistry has changed over the last ten years and what that means for practices in 2019 and beyond.
  • Lessons from Dr. Paul Goodman’s transition from a practicing dentist to coach and dental practice broker.
  • What Dr. Paul has learned from creating multiple communities for dentists and why relationship building is so important.
  • How to give feedback that works, both personally and professionally.

    And much more!

How To Buy A Dental Practice With Dr. Paul Goodman


“ I would say it’s the most important decision of your life.” - Dr. Paul Goodman

About The Guest

Dr. Paul Goodman

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Jan 3, 2019
Hey Ambitious Dentists!
Happy New Year! I hope you a wonderful 2018 and even better 2019!
First off, I want to say thank you to all of you who reached out about our latest SYDP podcast episode with Kiera Dent. I always enjoy hearing about the key takeaways our listeners gain from the show.
After the  minor SYDP hiatus in 2018, it’s great to be back behind the mic and getting to share my conversations with our incredible guests.
One of the best parts about running the SYDP podcast is that we’ve been fortunate enough to have some truly high performing dentists and dental practice owners on podcast, and the lessons they share can often help to take your dental practice to the next level.
Today I’m excited to share my conversation with Dr. Hunter Smith, a fellow Arkansas native, and former guest on the show.  Dr. Hunter is a legend on Dental Town and in other dental circles and has seen some incredible success buying multiple dental practices right out of school.
Given we last spoke with him a year or two ago, I invited him back on the show to share what he’s been up to since our last conversation where he shares what he's learned since we last spoke.

Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode

  • What Dr. Hunter has been up to since we last chatted, hint - it’s a lot.
  • Why most dentists fail at the art of the followup and how to build the perfect followup system for your dental practice.
  • What Dr. Hunter has learned from stepping away from the day to day of dentistry and the lessons he’s learned from growing his GPS dental group.
  • The ins and outs of running a DSO.
  • What makes an “effective” dentist and how to improve productivity at your own dental practice.

Lessons From Growing Multiple Dental Practices With Dr. Hunter


"There are two kind of easy ways to do it. Increase your availability or two increase your procedure.” - Dr. Hunter Smith

About The Guest

GPS Dental

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Without you, Ambitious Dentists, this show wouldn’t exist.

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This allows me to evolve the show as it goes on, and also helps spread the word to other podcast listeners since iTunes promotes shows with active engagement.

Dec 28, 2018

Hey Ambitious dentists!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Can you believe there's only a week left of 2018?

We have a really great SYDP episode for you today, with our previous star guest Kiera Dent rejoining the show sharing how to optimize your dental practice.

But first, to address the elephant in the room.

You may have noticed it's been relatively quiet on the podcast front this year. I've received dozens of emails asking about the pause of the show, and I couldn't be more grateful for the continued support.

As you know, I always try to tell things how they are (the good and bad) of running a podcast, and the truth is, I felt the quality of our latest episodes didn't bring as much value as I knew they could. Nothing against our amazing guests of course, but I decided to take some time with my team to reflect on how we can continue delivering incredible value to you, our SYDP listeners.

The podcast isn't going away anytime soon, but we have decided to experiment with a quality not quality approach. We'll be sharing a new episode if and only if we know it's an absolutely fantastic use of your time. On occasion, we'll revert to our once a week schedule, but throughout 2019 we might only publish an episode or so a month. Ultimately, I know how valuable your time is and want to ensure every episode is both actionable and insightful first and foremost.

With that said, we have a handful of amazing interviews coming up over the next few weeks that I know you'll love.

Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode

  • The most common reasons dental practices hit a plateau in growth and how you can overcome them.
  • The three things that make or break a front office phone call.
  • Why you should rethink the KPI's, you're focusing on to start the new year.
    The latest research on how we communicate both in person and on the phone.
  • Why having confidence in your patient diagnosis can transform your practice virtually overnight..

    And much more.

    I really hope you enjoy my latest interview with Kiera Dent. And I’m excited to be sharing more interviews with the SYDP in the New Year!
Feb 26, 2018

When starting your dental practice, the list of things you “need to do” is virtually endless. You need to hire your first employee. You need to setup your website. You need to find the perfect office location.

And in all the chaos of getting things up and running, many dentists neglect one of the most important components of successful dental practice.

Human Resources.

Which is a huge mistake.

While HR can often be complicated and overwhelming, the truth is, not having the right foundation can really come back to cost you and your practice. There are plenty of things you can put off for later, but HR is not one of them.

Today I’m excited to sit down with Chris Lessard of CEDR HR. Chris is a California barred attorney and knows a thing or two about how to handle HR and successfully grow your practice.

Chris and I met at a CE event a few months back and I just knew I had him on the show. His day to day role involves advising dental practices all across the country about their specific HR needs.

Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode

  • How HR” affects virtually every part of your dental practice.
  • Chris’s definition of HR and why it’s important.
  • The secret to avoiding costly “HR landmines” that could derail your practice.
  • Why it’s so hard to remain compliant in today’s fast-paced dentistry world.
  • Common mistakes new dentists make when making their first hires…

And much more...

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with HR, you definitely won’t want to miss today’s episode.

Now here’s my interview with Chris Lessard from CEDR HR. Enjoy the interview!

Jan 26, 2018

Hello ambitious dentists,

Have you ever been to a conference or event and have just one speaker blow you away? Not just because of their knowledge of the subject, but their stage presence as well?

While recently attending a course by my friend Jayme Amos, I had the pleasure of hearing Teresa Duncan take the stage and share everything she knew about dental insurance.

And she was that one “amazing” speaker for me.

As a dental CPA, I’m certainly not an expert when it comes to dental insurance, and I found her speech to be both informative and easy to understand. And I knew I just had to bring her on the show.  

It’s definitely an interview you don’t want to miss.

Here are a few things we cover on today’s show.

  • What Tersea learned from being both an office manager and dental assistant.
  • The biggest mistakes most dentists make when it comes to insurance and the steps to avoid them.
  • The bad habits you can’t afford to have your office managers have.
  • How to identify an all-star employee.

And much more.

If you’ve been wanting to figure out the insurance game to start the new year, this interview is for you.

Now here’s my interview with Teresa Duncan.

Jan 19, 2018

Hello, ambitious dentists,

Whether you’re just starting your dental practice career, or have been growing your practice for a while, you probably have experienced the many ups and downs that come with being a practice owner.

And the truth is, it’s not easy.

As we’ve said many times here on SYDP, there are some things dental school just doesn’t teach you… which is why I’m excited to have today’s guest Dr. Shakila Angadi on the show.

Right out of dental school, Dr. Shakila quickly realized that things don’t always go according to plan and today she shares what she has learned.

If you have some spare time while you’re preparing meals or out and about shopping, give the interview a listen.

Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode

  • How to be both “successful” and “happy” while still growing your practice.
  • The mindset habits most successful dentists have.
  • How to deal with setbacks and quickly get back on track.
  • Why investing in your emotional intelligence has such a high ROI.

And much more.

If you’ve recently found yourself frustrated most days when you go into the office, this episode is definitely for you.

Jan 4, 2018

Happy New Years ambitious dentists! I hope you were able to finish 2017 on a strong note, and are ready for a great new year!

To kick off the show in 2018, I’m excited to welcome two-time guest DR. Graham Dersley back on SYDP. He’s seen some incredible success since he was last on the show and continues to build the ever popular Practice on Fire community.

I think you’ll find his approach on how to build a successful dental practice perfect for starting the new year strong.

Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode

  • Why improving the quality of your patients should be a top focus in 2018.
  • Dr. Graham’s “ideal patient” and why you should know yours.
  • How just a slight tweak in your marketing strategy can improve your bottom line.
  • The secret to leveraging the 80/20 rule successfully in your practice.
  • Plus much more.

If you’re looking to start the year with a positive mindset and clear goals, you won’t want to miss today’s interview.

Dec 21, 2017

Ambitious dentists,

Hey ambitious dentists, Jonathan VanHorn here, I hope you have some exciting plans lined up for the holidays and get to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the man, the myth, the legend Dr. Mark Costes himself on the Dentalpreneur Podcast and had a ton of fun.

If you have some spare time while you’re preparing meals or out and about shopping, give the interview a listen.

The episode is reposted with Dr. Costes permission. I hope you enjoy!

I’ve always loved how Dr. Costes is always able to get the best nuggets of wisdom from his guests, and I think our interview turned out pretty great. We cover some of the major implications of the new tax cuts and discuss why they might not be so great for dentists. Worry not, we try and end the interview on a high note!

Nov 27, 2017

Can we get an encore? Today I am very excited to have dental consultant Kiera Dent back on the SYDP podcast for episode 101.

You may remember when we had Kiera on the show for episode 92 where she shared how to choose the right dental consultant for your practice.

And since we last talked a few months ago, it’s safe to say she’s done more than most people do in years.  She’s currently involved in a handful of really cool projects, as well as continuing to run her own business, dental placement pros.

So I asked her to come back on the show and share what’s new in her world, important metrics to track, and how to genuinely inspire your team.


Here are a few things you'll learn! 

  • Now here’s my interview with Kiera Dent. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • How Kiera is able to do so much professionally, without spreading herself too thin or burning out.
  • The one metric that has the strongest correlation with dental practice success.
  • Why same day treatment is so powerful for patient satisfaction and improving your bottom line.
  • The exact metrics you should have your front desk staff track…
  • And the many lessons Kiera has learned from working in multiple office roles and how it has helped her get where she is today.

Kiera really brings the knowledge to this interview. It’s one you definitely don’t want to miss.

Nov 17, 2017

Ambitious dentists,

Today I am very excited to share with you episode 100 of the Start Your Dental Practice podcast. What an incredible journey it has been.

When I started the SYDP podcast just a few years ago, I had no idea what to expect, and I couldn’t be more happy with the community we have built.

I’m incredibly grateful for the support of the DentistMetrics team, my friends and family, the amazing guests, and all those who have tuned into SYDP.

I’ve learned a lot over the last few years since launching SYDP, and for episode 100 I wanted to share my 7 biggest takeaways.

Whether you’ve considered launching a podcast yourself, or are just looking to grow your dental practice, I hope these 7 lessons point you in the right direction and help you build the dental practice and business of your dreams.

To celebrate episode 100, I've also put together the 7 Lessons I've Learned from 100+ Hours of Interviewing the World's Best Dental Practice Owners And Consultants Guide. The guide breaks down everything I've learned as well as highlights all past guest episodes for easy consumption. If you're looking to catch up on some missed episodes, you won't want to miss the guide.

Oct 20, 2017

Hello ambitious dentists,

Today I’m very excited to share with you my conversation with Dr. Mike Dolby, founder of Practice in Your Pocket which helps you clearly understand the areas in which your dental practice is underperforming through leveraging technology.

A practicing dentist himself, Dr. Dolby has an incredibly unique take on what it takes to build a successful practice in the year 2017, and he holds nothing back into today’s interview.

Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode

  • Dr. Mikes tips on how to stand out as a dentist and really WOW your patients.
  • The most common challenges many dentists face, and Dr. Mike’s tips to avoid them.
  • A simple trick to making a great first impression…
  • What virtually all successful dental practices have in common...

And much more.

If you’re looking to build better systems, improve your culture, or become a better leader, you’ll love today’s interview.

Now here’s my conversation with Dr. Dolby.

Oct 11, 2017

Hello ambitious dentists,

Today I have a fantastic interview with Samantha Leonard co-founder of Stream Dental which provides services to help dentists solve the age-old problem of HR.

For most dentists, HR remains an unsolved mystery and if we’re being honest, is very often an afterthought in the endless list of todos throughout your day.

Heck, despite being so important, even simply defining HR can be a struggle for many dentists. But it’s no secret, human resources are important, and how you interact, communicate, and motivate your staff has a huge impact on the success of your practice.

Which is why I’m so excited to have Samantha Leonard on the show. In our conversation, she breaks down why HR is so important and how to start taking it seriously in your practice.

Here are a few things you’ll learn on today’s show...

Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode

  • How to find your dream team and retain top talent...
  • Why processes are so important when it comes to HR… and how to implement them the right way
  • The many misconceptions of “HR” and how Samantha defines human resources...
  • Mistakes many dental practices make with onboarding new employees that can costs you thousands of dollars...

And much more.

With human resources being such a complex process, I know you’ll get a lot out of today’s conversation.

Now here’s my interview with Samantha Leonard.

Oct 6, 2017

Hello ambitious dentists,

For many dental practice owners, running a practice is often a lifelong dream. Despite the thousands of hours of education and hard work, there’s no better feeling than knowing you help your patients ultimately live a better life.

But as we know, the journey to running a practice is filled with both ups and downs, and you don’t always get to hear about everything that goes into making a dream, reality.

Which is why I’m so excited to share today’s incredibly inspiring interview with Dr. Ashley Joves. After many years of an associateship that left Dr. Ashley wanting more, she recently started her very own practice and has quickly seen some incredible success.

Her story is one of the most inspiring I’ve heard in awhile, and in our interview, she shares openly about the many things she’s learned from running a practice over the last few months.

Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode

  • How a simple social media post went viral and helped her quickly build her brand and create a loyal following.
  • Why Dr. Ashley gives each patient an office and her tips to creating a trusting office atmosphere.
  • Dr. Ashley’s approach to doing “dentistry” differently, and how it has helped her stand out.
  • Why Dr. Ashley recommends all aspiring dentists create a startup business plan.
  • How Dr. Ashley has managed to grow her practice while still making time for her family.

And much more...

Whether you’re also just starting out on your dental practice journey, or have been around for awhile, I know you’ll find our conversation both incredibly inspiring and informative.


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